Exterior Construction


   * Clean and removed all dirt and debris by water blast.


   * Prepare exterior of home or building to remove all loose paint .


      that is chipping, flaking and peeling.


   * Check for loose lumber, popping nails and renail as needed.


   * Wire brush, scrape all stucco, sand all bed areas and wood walls as needed.


   * Patch all cracks and voids in stucco walls.


   * Remove any loose , missing putty in wood windows and replace as needed.


   * Scrape, wirebrush and sand all trim items as needed


   * Overhangs, facia boards, doors, windows, garage doors, railing and posts.



   * Proches, steps, gutter system and decks (includ iron rail, air and water.




   * Caluck around all windows and doors to minimize seepage of air and water.




   * Apply primer on walls and trim of home or building, marking sure primer




      get into cracks and voids.




   * Apply 100% acrylic paint on walls of home and all trim items..




   * We will contain all work areas on job site in compliance with City, State and EAP.




   * We crews will keep property neat and clean on a daily basis.




   * Our 100% acrylic paint is warranted.
































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